September 2017 Prayer Items

City, Town, People Group


Some Info.

Edmonton, Alberta

(Provincial Capital)

932,546 (Edmonton Capital Region


A great Canadian city. Fort Edmonton was established by 1795. Motto: Industry, Integrity, Progress. Known as the ‘Gateway to the North’. Canadian military is based there.

Saint Catharines, Ontario


The “Garden City”. Manufacturing is the main industry. First settled by Loyalists in the 1780’s. 81% of people profess ‘a’ Christian faith.

Yorkton, Saskatchewan


Founded in 1882. Motto: “Where Good Things Happen”. Has a number of Christian churches.

Winkler, Manitoba


First settled in 1874 by german speaking Mennonites. Is one of Manitoba’s fastest growing cities. Most people profess Christianity.

Tagish, Yukon Territory

300 – 400

Rural community in the heart of Yukon’s Southern Lakes. Pray for God’s people in Tagish. Pray for the Tagish Community Church.

Norman Wells, North West Territories


The Slavey name for Norman Wells means ‘where there is oil’. Languages spoken are North Slavey and English. Some of the churches are Baptist, Community Church, Roman Catholic.

Kugluktuk (Coppermine), Nunavat


Means ‘ the place of moving water’. Is on the Arctic Ocean. 92% of people – aboriginal.

Canadian Judges

Supreme Court (9 Justices), provincial, lower courts. Pray that judges would have a basic ‘fear of God’. Pray for God’s Word to be part of judgments. Pray for divine wisdom and truth.

Deer Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador


First settlers arrived from Cape Bretton in 1864. Pray for churches in their outreach to Deer Lake.

Souris, Prince Edward Island


The area is famous for beaches. Economy; fishing, agriculture, tourism. Pray for God’s people to reach out to their fellow islanders.

Campbellton, New Brunswick


First settled by French around 1700. Forestry, tourism are major industries.

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia


The ‘Main Street of the South Shore’. The commercial and professional service centre for the south half of the province. Pray for God’s church that it would grow and bless Bridgewater.

Chateauguay, Quebec


‘Motto: Stronger when United’. Important in Canadian history; Battle of Chateauguay, & Lower Canada Rebellion. Pray for churches and God’s people in Chateauguay.

Kamloops, British Columbia


1st explorer arrived in 1811. Is a transportation hub. Possibly 1/3+ of people have no religious affiliation. Pray for Christians and churches.

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