May 2017 Prayer Items

City, Town, People Group


Some Info.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Largest city in Saskatchewan and an important centre for the provinces potash, oil, agriculture and other natural resource industries. The city is named after the Saskatoon berry.

Cold Lake, Alberta

13 839

Near the air forces CFB Cold Lake. Economy heavily influenced by the oil sands. Many outdoor activities.

Dauphin Manitoba

8 251

Hub for grain and agriculture transport. Host to many cultural events. The “Garden Capital of Manitoba.”

Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador

6 719

A former US Air Force base, now the towns air port, helped the town grow. Hosts a large theater festival every year.

Prince George, British Columbia

84 232

‘Northern Capital’ of British Columbia and has Canada’s second newest university.

Metis of Canada

453,000 (2011 census)

Canadian Metis make up about 32 % of our total aboriginal people. Metis live in all parts of Canada but about 80% are in Ontario and the prairie provinces. Pray for families, children, young people.

Amherst, Nova Scotia

9 717

Several influential people in confederation came from Amherst. Centrally located in the maritimes.

Fredericton, New Brunswick

56 224

Highest educated population in the province, has a large public sector, and home to several post-secondary institutions.


Prince Edward Island

5 162

The current town is an amalgamation of several smaller municipalities in 1995.

Carcross, Yukon Territory


Situated on a land bridge between two lakes. Beautiful mountain area. Home to Carcross / Tagish First Nations. Pray for Bible churches and fellowships.

Tuktoyaktuk, North West Territories


Named after a visible at low tide rock formation which “resembles a caribou”. Tourism is a large industry. Has protestant and Catholic churches.

Rankin Inlet (Kangiqtiniq), Nunavut Territory

2 577

A transportation hub for mainland Nunavut. Has a large ceramics and arts scene.

Levis, Quebec

138 769

Current city created in 1991 as an amalgamation of ten smaller cities. Home to several large employers.

Hamilton, Ontario

519 949

Ninth largest city in Canada. Economy largely based on manufacturing, steel, and shipping, with a growing arts scene.


One thought on “May 2017 Prayer Items

  1. Thank you Karin and Alfred for the information and list of the different places for prayer in May. God bless you! I’ve been in Saskatoon (first place on the list this month) several years ago and remember seeing this lovely city in late summer.


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