March 2017 Prayer Items

Prayer Guide for the month of: March 2017

Items: 15

City, Town, People Group


Some Info.

Lower Mainland: British Columbia

2, 830,000

Festival of Hope (Franklin Graham): March 3 – 5. Pray that many would come to Christ. Pray for Christians and churches.
Metropolitan Area of: Kitchener / Cambridge / Waterloo, Ontario


Pray for: Unity of Churches in Christ. For: “City Watch” (Pastors joint prayer times), City wide prayer day (in June), refugees (for God’s plan).
Trois – Rivieres, Quebec


On the St. Lawrence River. Oldest industrial city in Canada. A port city. Built in 1634. Motto: ‘If God is with us, who can be against us’
Prime Minister / Cabinet. Provincial / Territor. Premiers


Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet. The premier of your province / territory.
Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador


Has ‘Gander International Airport’. After 9 11 aircraft were diverted here and over 6,000 people were gladly hosted by the residents.
Alberton, Prince Edward Island


Service centre for local fishing and farming. Has several churches. Very nice area.
Miramichi, New Brunswick


On the Miramichi River. Mikmaq first nations were first, then acadians, scottish and Irish.
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia


The Gateway to Nova Scotia’. Has a port and ferry terminal. Connected to fishing and lobster industry. Was a shipbuilding centre.
Arviat, Nunavut


On Hudson Bay. Predominately Inuit. Known for artistic and musical talent. Pray for hope, youth. Churches: Alliance, Anglican, RC
Fort Good Hope, North West Territories


Mostly Canadian Indians, some Metis and Inuit. Languages: North Slavey and English. In current location since 1839. Hunting / fishing
Haines Junction, Yukon


 At junction of Haines and Alaska Highways. Edge of spectacular wilderness / mountains.
Christian universities, colleges, Bible Schools


Pray for 1-3 of these in Canada that you know of: for the staff, students, standards.
Thompson, Manitoba


 Founded in 1957. ‘Hub of the North’. Has mining and related industry
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


Cree name meant ‘a great meeting place’. Has highest rate of indigenous Canadians (aprox.40%) in a Canadian city.
Medicine Hat, Alberta


 Sixth largest city in Alberta. Many retired people. Area rich in resources and farming. Known as ‘sunniest city in Canada’.

One thought on “March 2017 Prayer Items

  1. May God be glorified as the Festival of Hope takes place in the Vancouver area! Pray that any false news would be hindered and that people will know what God is doing.


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