February 2017 Prayer Items

Prayer Guide for the month of: February 2017

Items: 15

City, Town, People Group


Some Info.

Kentville, Nova Scotia


A ‘crossroads’ location in the Annapolis Valley. History goes back to 1700’s – Acadians, United Empire Loyalists. Incorporated in 1886. Is a professional service centre for the valley. Has apple industry. Has various churches.
Edmunston, New Brunswick


Close to U.S. and Quebec borders. Is 95% french speaking. Is 95% R.C. Has anglican, United, Baptist, Pentecostal ….Churches. Industry: forestry, paper, plastic.
Happy Valley – Goose Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador


Has an airforce base. People: 63% white, 36% aboriginal. 73% protestant. 20% R.C. Had recent ‘Celebration of Hope’ with Will Graham. A good number of people made decisions for Christ. Pray for new believers, youth, families, addictions, churches, for hope in Christ.
Vancouver, British Columbia


A beautiful and one of the most ‘liveable’ cities in the world. Pray for: Franklin Graham ‘Festival of Hope’ – March 3-5, street people, addictions, churches – that they would be strong and outgoing for the Lord
Abbotsford, British Columbia


Canada’s ‘most generous’ city. U. of Fraser Valley. Pray for churches and christians to be strong and firm in their faith and bold for God and His Word.
Sherbrooke, Quebec


Largest centre in the Eastern Townships. Has a high percentage of students due to a number of universities / institutes.
Thunder Bay, Ontario


A merger of two cities: Ft. William, Port Arthur. Has manufacturing, forestry, port, service industry.
Men and women in jails and prisons across Canada

38 – 40,000 daily in jail

Pray: Christian visitors to be empowered and led by God, conversions, addictions, God’s strength for christian inmates, God’s help so released inmates don’t get back into their old ways……this is a concern of theirs.
Dawson City, Yukon Territory


Was the centre of the Klondike Gold Rush.
Woodbuffalo, Fort McMurray, Alberta


Had the big fire in 2016. Many people lost their homes.
Weyburn, Saskatchewan


Largest grain gathering point in Canada. Railway town.
Steinbach, Manitoba


Translated: ‘Stony Brook’. On the eastern edge of the canadian prairie. German, mennonite influence. Community leaders and churches resisted the new gov’t. ‘sexual’ standards mandates…….
Inuvik, North West Territories


“Place of Man”. About 100 km. from Arctic Ocean. Has a mosque. Has several churches. People: Inuvialuit, First Nations, Metis, non-native.
Pond Inlet (Mittimatalik), Nunavut Territory


The place where the landing place is’. Georgeous scenery. Mostly Inuit people. Has schools, and college. Has R.C., Anglican Churches.
Stratford, Prince Edward Island


A growing community in the ‘garden of the gulf’.

2 thoughts on “February 2017 Prayer Items

  1. God’s power is evident! As I pray for towns on the list, the words and phrases take shape with help from God’s Spirit. As we pray, we join in God’s desire for our nation.


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